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The folks who choose to FOSTER  a dog, are truly our lifeblood.  The unique aspect of FOSTERING is the ability to take in a rescued dog for a short interim.  This is of great value , as at times, we have to “rescue” a dog   in a very short time frame.

We consider our Fosters as Angels to our Organization.  They are crucial as a stepping stone between initial rescuing and finding forever homes for these loving pets.



This handsome 10 month old male Cocker Spaniel was brought to a clinic to be euthanized due to a broken femur. Luckily, Cocker Spaniel Recovery Foundation, was called and we stepped in and saved his life. The surgery on his leg was successfully performed and this special boy’s life was spared.

NIKO is playful, highly intelligent, curious, gets along well with other dogs, as evident with his foster parents two Cocker Spaniels. NIKO also gets along well with his colleagues (dogs) in the basic obedience training class that the foster parents enrolled him in. The foster parent who takes him to training school said, “I am so proud of NIKO. He is awsome sitting like a little gentlemen while his colleagues are still trying to understand what their owners are instructing. NIKO is worth the investment of time, money and years of loving.”

NIKO is crate trained, neutered, not food or toy aggressive, current on shots, and loves to be around his family cuddling and learning.

NIKO deserves to have a permanent and loving home. NIKO is one of those special dogs you see, hear or read about and wish you didn’t miss the one opportunity to bring him home and into your life.

NIKO will have his medical release on April 22, 2014 and will be allowed for adoption. Until then, go to and fill out an application and request a home visit by a volunteer of board member of the Cocker Spaniel Recovery Foudation, (CSRF)

Go to FORMS to fill out an application or contact, or at (702) 419-6825.