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You are in a family that you have been waiting for. ┬áNiko’s new parents fell in love with him during the Woofstock Event hosted by SCA (Sun City Anthem) Pet Club in Henderson, NV.

Last year, they mourned the loss of their beloved Cocker Spaniel, due to age, and didn’t think they could ever love again. UNTIL, NIko was in their sight. Both are retired, active walkers and tennis buffs which offer a generous of time and activity that will, perfectly, suit Niko’s needs.

The foster parent told me, “It was a painful loss when I dropped Niko off, but I have great comfort knowing that he is wrapped in loving arms, full hearts, and in a “permanent” home that he deserves”. She continues, “I wouldn’t mind being adopted by them myself.”

Niko will no doubt be the center of their world, and will lack nothing.
Good Boy! Love, The CSRF Team

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