About Us

About the Cocker Spaniel Recovery Foundation

We are a 501© (3) NON PROFIT.

After realizing how many Cockers Spaniels have come to us, it was then we needed to start a rescue for the Cocker Spaniel breed.

It was then we launched in 2011.

Once we receive a Cocker Spaniel, the dog is then taken into our veterinarian to receive all of the shots and a micro – chip and to be spayed and or neutered and determined for any health issues. From there to our groomer and into a foster.

The foster(s) will study said dogs behaviors and keep notes for the bio of the dog needing to go into a permanent home.

We have little to no knowledge of the many Cocker Spaniels history we take in, so we work diligently with the foster and study the dogs behavior and traits. This will help in placing said dog into the correct facility.

The Cocker Spaniel breed has been known for its lovely long ears (ear infections) and joint issues just to name a few of the more known common issues. The goal is to rehabilitate the many Cocker Spaniels that we receive since receiving them (most in very poor condition) with multiple heath issues, and roughly 1% of the many Cockers taken in by our foundation, never make it to adoption, these are our SPECIAL NEEDS Cockers, and they are homed and cared for by the founder of the Cocker Spaniel Recovery Foundation.

Which is why it is so important that we try to get as many volunteers not only to foster these dogs, but to help with many other tasks. (See Volunteering).

In closing, soliciting for funding is always a concern, with most small non profits we depends solely on viewers like you to help with donations which will help with the many high medical bills and feeding and caring for the Cocker Spaniel breed. Without public funding and applying for grants, the foundation will struggle. (See DONATE BUTTON)

We thank all who in the present and the past who have donated not only their time but the funding as well that get the foundation through.

Michelle Leoni