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Urinating on Owner’s Bed

More helpful advice from VerternaryPartner, Kathy Diamond Davis says, “this little boy needs to lose sleeping-in-your-bed privileges, at least for some months. Is he neutered? If not, do it as soon as your vet says he is ready. This is not deliberate defiance, but an instinctive behavior. You may be outraged by it, but treat it just like any other
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Another common problem with pet owners is marking their territory. We found some very good advice at about how to handle these situations. Read more

Will they still hump?

According to Kathy Diamond, this is “Not a silly question! The smell of a neutered male seems to be not as provocative to other males who are intact as is the smell of an intact male, but they still know he’s a male. The female dogs seem to adore neutered males. With both male and female spayed/neutered, they don’t have
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Canine Rivalry

Canine rivalry refers to repeated conflicts between dogs living in the same household. Animals that live in social groups establish a structure within that group. The Dumb Friends League has some helpful advice about what to do when conflict surfaces in your home between pets.Read More

Dominant Dogs

In order to understand why your dog is acting “dominant,” it’s important to know some things about canine social groups. Animals who live in social groups, including domestic dogs and wolves, establish a social structure called a dominance hierarchy within their group. Read more