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When one mentions the word  “Donation” most would first think of money. Don’t get me wrong money is extremely important and without it these Cocker Spaniels would not be treated with every ounce of cure, nor placed in foster homes and hopefully permanently loving homes.

Thank you to all of you for your on – going financial donations. Without your continued dollars there would be no Cocker Spaniel Recovery Foundation.  Your generosity makes it possible to cover the costs of things such as, micro – chipping,  grooming, medical, marketing for adoption, cages, bringing shots current, eye or ear cleaning, and neutering or spaying, to name only a few.

But how many of you have felt that you never have enough time, or mumbled to yourself, “If I only had more time,” or “Where did all my time go? You are normal and are not the only one who has asked these questions sometimes with great frustration. Time is very important, and a commondity that rarely can be bought, BUT it can be DONATED.

Thank you to those of you who donate your precious time.  Time to conduct visitation with potential families who would adopt one or more of our special breed of dogs, time to make it to the meetings, time to help set up booths, tents, cages. Time to pick up a surrendered pet, take the pet to a selected veterinarian, and take your time to bring the pet to and from an event.

We at the Cocker Spaniel Recovery Foundation, Inc. (CSRF) want to recognize those of you who support our rescued Cocker Spaniels, and to those waiting to be rescued. We want to thank each of  you for helping us to find a quality person(s) to foster or adopt one of our rescued Cocker Spaniels and grow old with one or two of these amazing dogs.


  • Koka and John for your recent $200.00 contribution to CSRF.
  • Dave Shultz for donating $100.00 to CSRF.  In addtion, the 20 or more Cocker Spaniels he fostered in his home.  Peanut is having a ball in Dave’s home waiting for someone to adopt him and  make him their own. (See Peanut under Adopt/Foster)
  • Woofstock Event passerbys donated $112.00 toward Niko’s medical expense.
  • Linda Dockins for picking up a dog from a veterinarian to a foster, or a fostered dog to a veterinarian, and more.
  • Janice Wilson for making scarves, and blankets to sell while returning 100% of revune to the needs of our dogs.
  • Thank you to Barry Goodman, who donated BEAUTIFUL Men’s NEW watches with the proceeds going to Niko’s medical expense.
  • Chuck & Bill, & Michelle for their endless efforts to make the CSRF booth at the Woofstock Event successful.
  • Cory Hatch who chose the CSRF (Cocker Spaniel Recovery Foundation) as the worthy group from among the HALE PET DOOR, REWARDS PROGRAM, which donated $53.00 to CSRF.  When customers purchase a HALE PET DOOR, and share their story of adopting a pet, HALE PET DOOR sends a donation for 10% of its cost.  (For more information go to SUPPORTERS)
  • Thank you to the individual who designed & purchased our new CSRF banner, brochures, and flyers. This person wishes to remain anonymous.
  • BIG THANKS to the SCA Pet Club Pet club, SCA Anthem in Henderson, for donating the table and space for us to show off our avaiable dogs for adoption. They are a wonderful and giving group of people.

“Until All Dogs Have A Home”
Jacquie D. Goodman


As you know, we solely run off of donations from the public and viewers like you to take care of the Cocker Spaniels medical needs. The dogs say THANK YOU by expressing their Unconditional Love, Care, and Guarding their owners. Until then the Cocker Spaniel Recovery Foundation, (CSRF) speak for this special breed, and we are TRULY grateful that they have the support from you.

We have high hopes with future home visits and getting these God – Given souls a permanent and loving home they deserve.

Very grateful,
Michelle Leoni
Speaker of the house for the Cocker Spaniels