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IMPORTANT:  Due to continuing health issues our website coordinator is unable to continue posting the dogs that need to be adopted or fostered. We are seeking a volunteer to take over this position.  You must have some computer skills with regard to uploading and posting pictures of the pets and also write short bio’s about these fine dogs.  Forms, brochures and events would be part of the skillset.  Knowledge of WordPress software platform would be preferred but not required. A willingness to help save the loving and most adorable Cocker Spaniel breed is enough.

If you are interested please contact Michelle Leoni @ (702) 419-6825.

Thank you to all the unsung volunteers for their BIG HEARTS!

We are always appreciative of volunteers, some of the areas that we could use help with are:

1) Photographers

2) Gift wrappers for the holidays

3) Transportation

4) Dog walkers

5) Vet check-ups

6) Groomers

7) Hospice care

8) Help with Events